Authenticity as a key of success

Recent studies in Human Resources showed that authenticity is a feature increasingly sought by employers for their employees and especially for leaders to be placed at the top of the company.

Gruppo La Meridiana through education and ongoing training has developed specific pathways that can reinforce and strengthen the characters of an authentic personality.

This will help improve your productivity in the enterprise and to meet the wishes of colleagues and employers. With lessons of theoretical and practical simulations of work situations, the team of experts of the Group La Meridiana can direct you to improve the performance of the staff or to the step forward you are seeking for your career.

Here are some basic points on which you  can start developing your authentic behavior.

Being open

The authentic people share life experiences in the workplace so allow others to connect with them. And this is a way to share with colleagues the difficulties and successes in order to make a good team. But of course not all types of problems and not with everyone in the company. Common sense it will help to distinguish how to behave.

Being reflective

These people reflect on their own behavior and how to relate with others, so they also reflected in business situations as well. They admit when they have made a decision that was not the best and be happy when things work well.

Being consistent

The people are real when they inspire confidence because of their openness. That means that we can predict their reaction in certain situations. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises that certain types of people can cause. Do not know what mood a particular situation may inspire not exactly what you hope to find in the workplace.

Being transparent

In any situation an authentic person is essentially behaving in a consistent and transparent. This does not mean that he/she does not get angry or upset remains, but is willing to show his/her emotions so that colleagues perceive it as a human being.

Being perceptive

Usually people are authentic emotionally intelligent and perceptive being can not understand how people and colleagues feel in certain situations. Knowing how to use this information to make the right decisions and to make effective communication is a plus.

Referring to this basic element plus specific one that have been selected by the HR department, the Gruppo La Meridiana is able to help you grow and improve these characteristics in order to play more positively during your day at the office.


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