Gruppo La Meridiana leader of professional quality

Gruppo La Meridiana has gathered numerous years of experience forming and training professionals operating in the tourism and hospitality sector, one of the areas with major growing occupational prospects in the world.

One of the challenges the hospitality industry fronts is the high staff turnover rates, a phenomenon with potential negative impact on the quality of offered services and the continuity of customer relationship when unmanaged, increasing the management costs and consequently the final service rates. Gruppo La Meridiana proposes solutions focused on creating talented and motivated teams decreasing turnover by prospecting meritable staff with longer term professional relationships and concrete career paths.

Gruppo La Meridiana is fluent with the rapid spread of smart devices and social media and involved  with the increasing relevance and impact of online booking systems and travel forums, radically transforming the travellers approach and expectations when choosing destinations and hospitality services. Hotels must adapt and adequate their operational instruments to leverage the potential of new technologies and social media marketing, integrating their staff with trained and highly skilled professionals able to manage at best the new potential in customer relations.

Sustainability is dear subject to our Group – Enterprise business growth and development impact on the environment should always be carefully assessed as part of the ordinary and extraordinary management of all Hotel core business activities.

Through dedicated training Gruppo La Meridiana can help young people seize the best market opportunities. Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries in the world and hospitality business cannot be reduced to simply managing a structure or a hotel chain. Group La Meridiana developed mature and thoughtful training programs in line with the actual needs of the hospitality sector, delivered with professional attitude and driver by the customer satisfaction values so highly appreciated by customers and employees of La Meridiana Group.

Lack of competent and properly trained staff is one of the foremost complaints amongst Italian operators and Gruppo La Meridiana determined an approach to reduce the distance between market offer and demand, by constantly adapting its formative portfolio based on first hand contact with hospitality professionals, considering their needs and promoting international industry standards. Regular meetings, exchange experience and opinions with those directly involved with the market needs and trends results are necessary to produce durable results when forming teams composed of flexible, tolerant and strong minded individuals in charge of interacting with multi-cultural environments and ready to satisfy the needs of an evolving market.


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