Social Health Services

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Social health personnel

The cooperative XI Luglio is specialized in the selection and management of social health and social staff for different types of customers. For organizations looking for skilled personnel, we represent a reliable solution for the management of human resources.

We work with government agencies, private institutions and individuals to provide all citizens with a full assistance, support and personal development service. The cooperative constantly monitors the quality of services provided and adapts the performance of the members to specific customer needs .

Services we offer

Nowadays service externalization plays a key role. La Meridiana provides outsourcing services in several sectors:


  • Integrated home assistance for the elderly;
  • Social Secretary;
  • Home care (SAISA – SAISH – SISMIF);
  • Summer holidays for the elderly and disabled;
  • Counseling and psycho-pedagogical support in schools;
  • Education and training for disabled children (AEC);
  • Vocational training activities for disabled;
  • Management of nurseries and kindergartens;
  • Management services for residential structures;
  • Management of day care centers, group homes and sheltered housing;


  • Consulting and needs analysis, design and delivery of innovative and experimental personal and professional development services;
  • Personalized training packages for private health clinics and social workers;
  • Medical education;
  • Training courses and support of employment through skills assessment activities;
  • Prevention activities and school support;
  • Art counselling


  • Medical services, home nursing and physiotherapy;
  • Home cardiological and radiological services;
  • Local and national Transport Ambulance;
  • Management of RSA;
  • Multi-specialist medical counseling;
  • Health surveillance and occupational medicine (d. lgs. 81/08)
  • Training and orientation services


  • Development, implementation and quality management (ISO regulations UNI ENI ISO 9001:2008)