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A new way of thinking and working

In the business world we often talk about products and services , and their characteristics. It is thought that a company is chosen for what it does, for example, excellent computers (Apple) or cars (Volkswagen).

Our experience teaches us that people reason differently.

People do not buy what we do.
They buy why we do it.

We invert the route and start from why :


As their partner, we want to bring our client companies success;


Investigating in depth the problems and the most effective interventions to be carried out with passion and flexibility;


We offer operational and financial services, providing a single specialized reference.

What We Believe

Behind La Meridiana are the values that inspire our group in its daily work:


We intensely believe in what we do, and we have determination and tenacity.


We do not want to do business with everyone, but create profitable, long lasting partnerships.


Our ultimate goal is to produce a positive change.