Suggestions to manage online reviews

Gruppo La Meridiana offers outsourcing services and is one of the leading companies in the country with regard to the hospitality industry. With attention to the needs of its customers, Gruppo La Meridiana is daily committed in the reasearch of new trends and suggestions to optimize its partners work and to fully satisfy guests and users expectations who use the offered services.

Recently sharing on the web guest hotel experiences has assumed a role of fundamental importance for the representation of the hotel brand with the diffusion of information transmitted in real time and accessible to millions of people.

93% of international travelers read the reviews of other users before sending a reservation and online channels, the most popular Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and many others are used on a daily basis with this purpose and should not be neglected. 53% of TripAdvisor users have declared not to be willing to book if a hotel has zero reviews. Today’s traveler is a traveler “careful” that adopts a methodical approach that provides the acquisition and sharing of information with other travelers to be able to make informed choices.

Here are some tips for optimizing the management of online reviews, improve brand reputation and increase the chances that a customer choose us over another structure.

1 Collect feedback from guests proactively

It’s important to take a proactive stance to get the response and any guest complaints before they decide to share their experience.

2 From reviews online to offline interactions

In presence of negative reviews it might be a good idea to transfer the conversation with the customer offline to try to learn his complaints to be able to provide custom services in case the customer is still in the hotel or by email or telephone if the review is done after returning from the trip.

3 Use a reputation management software to listen and anticipate

To better manage the reviews online you need to devote some of your time to observe and analyze a multitude of platforms, including social media and hotels review sites. Of course, this task is made ​​easier by special management software, allowing you to interact directly with customers and respond to any negative reviews, if they are present. Management software can help you:

  • To get complete control on the influence of social;
  • To analyze the online reputation of competitors with insightful reports;
  • To improve the level of customer satisfaction;
  • To never miss review and monitor the online reputation of the property;

In several articles and today again Gruppo La Meridiana is keen to remind his philosophy where instead of considering the negative hotel reviews a damage, must be considered a strategic opportunity to build a lasting relationship can maintain customer loyalty.


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